“Neofit Rilski” - Blagoevgrad

A leading position in the scientific and educational space both in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe

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The South -West University provides training in different scientific fields for 700 international students coming from various countries.


South-West University is a state institution that offers training in Bulgarian and English in 71 Bachelor's, 100 Master's and 74 specialized PhD programmes.

With its history the South-West University “Neophyte Rilsky” has subjugated a leading position in the scientific and educational space both in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe. 

It is located in Blagoevgrad, the economic, cultural and educational centre of South-Western Bulgaria. The town is situated only 90 kilometers southwards from Sofia, 20 kilometers from the border with Macedonia and 80 kilometers from the Greek border.

This strategic location naturally facilitates academic cooperation with many Universities in the Balkan region. It also allows direct and easy access to numerous attractive destinations among which Bansko, Sandanski, the Medieval Rilsky Monastery, Melnik, the Rila and Pirin National parks, Thessaloniki, Serres, Shtip, Bitola are only a few worth mentioning. 

The University has signed contracts with about 30 universities in Europe under the Erasmus mobility program, which is extremely attractive for the students. 


The citizens of EU and EEA countries may apply and be trained under the following possible conditions:

Option 1: The fees per semester are between €150 and €260 depending on the major chosen. The training is conducted in Bulgarian only.

Option 2: The fees per semester are between €370 and €1360 depending on the major chosen. The training is conducted in Bulgarian only.

Option 3: Training in English language.
Tuition fee for the Bulgarian language course: €3000 (the language course tuition fee is deposited upon enrolment in the course)

South-West University “Neofit Rilski” - Blagoevgrad?

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EU and EEA countries
Fee per year
non-EU and non-EEA countries
Southeastern Europe in contemporary international relationsMaster's ProgrammeEnglish€3500€3500APPLY!
International TourismMaster's ProgrammeEnglish€3500€3500APPLY!
International Economic RelationsMaster's ProgrammeEnglish€3500€3500APPLY!
Logopaedic Management in Voice Smooth DisturbancesMaster's ProgrammeEnglish€3500€3500APPLY!
Hearing-Speech Therapy After Cochlear ImplantationMaster's ProgrammeEnglish€3500€3500APPLY!
Educational ManagementMaster's ProgrammeEnglish€3500€3500APPLY!
Sociology and Anthropology of ReligionMaster's ProgrammeEnglish€3500€3500APPLY!
Sociological Studies and Political MarketingMaster's ProgrammeEnglish€3500€3500APPLY!
Cultural Management and Visual CommunicationsMaster's ProgrammeEnglish€3500€3500APPLY!
English PhilologyMaster's ProgrammeEnglish€3500€3500APPLY!
PhysicsMaster's ProgrammeEnglish€3500€3500APPLY!
Biologically Active Substances and DrugsMaster's ProgrammeEnglish€3500€3500APPLY!
Metrology in ChemistryMaster's ProgrammeEnglish€3500€3500APPLY!
Ecology and Environment ProtectionMaster's ProgrammeEnglish€3500€3500APPLY!
Regional DevelopmentMaster's ProgrammeEnglish€3500€3500APPLY!
Resources and Sustainable DevelopmentMaster's ProgrammeEnglish€3500€3500APPLY!
Computer SciencesComputer Systems and TechnologiesMaster's ProgrammeEnglish€3500€3500APPLY!

Why Choose Us


High academic standards

The South-West University in Blagoevgrad has been granted the highest 9.26 grade out of the possible 10 by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency.


Modern facilities

The University has modern training, scientific and sports facilities and offers a wide range of possibilities for artistic performances. It provides excellent opportunities for practical training and the academic staff willingly provides consultations in all academic subjects.


Career opportunities

The students can take part in international exchange programs and the academic results achieved in foreign universities are recognized and included in their academic record. The Career Centre offers probation work and ensures contacts with future employers.


Blagoevgrad is located in Southwest Bulgaria, at a distance of about 100 km from Sofia. The territory of the town in the regional scale is located in the westernmost part of the Rila-Rhodope Massif. This is one of the warmest regions in the country.


The city combines the opportunities and the advantages offered by the big city, on the one hand, and, on the other, it is branded with the cosy atmosphere of any small Bulgarian town.


The town is situated close to the southwest slopes of Rila Mountain, in the river valleys of Struma and Blagoevgradska Bistritsa. The University is conveniently located only 90 kilometers from the capital city of Bulgaria and 80 kilometers from Greece. With its 80,000 inhabitants, Blagoevgrad is a unique place to live and study.

Beautiful nature

The mountainous relief makes the population of the Blagoevgrad Region live on the valleys of the Struma and Mesta rivers. Nature, national parks and reserves are the region’s greatest treasures. Blagoevgrad is a starting point for the Rila Monastery, as well as for the charming museum town of Melnik. This is also a starting point for the tourist routes leading to the beautiful mountains Rila and Pirin.

Cultural and Balneological tourism

Blagoevgrad is a well-known spa resort and a municipal center with a rich history. Tourism is a major industry. Balneological tourism is developing rapidly because more than a third of all mineral springs in Bulgaria is located in the region. Different peoples, cultures and epochs have left their mark here and visitors can learn a lot about the culture and history of Bulgaria and the region.


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