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Study in the first Bulgarian private technical university which was established in 2010 in Pernik.


The European Polytechnical University (EPU) is a private engineering university, located in Pernik, Bulgaria. The university was established in 2010. It offers both undergraduate and post-graduate programmes.

The vision of the European Polytechnical University is to reach the level of the best European universities in its academic profile, becoming a model of European education in South-Eastern Europe through successful integration in the family of Multiversity universities.

The European Polytechnical University is a multinational centre of interaction between contemporary tuition, scientific research activities and innovations, and academic and business co-operation. The University personalizes the relationship with its students and doctoral students, complies with their individual abilities and preferences and prepares them for professional realization in the market environment of the dynamically changing world.

It is accredited in Europe. The university has branches in Prizren, Istanbul and Tripoli.


EU and EEA countries
Fee per year
non-EU and non-EEA countries
Applied Computer ScienceBachelor ProgrammeEnglish€1500€3000APPLY!
Green EnergeticsBachelor ProgrammeEnglish€1500€3000APPLY!
Psychology (Accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education, graduates will have an Italian diploma)Bachelor ProgrammeEnglish€2000---APPLY!

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The international character of higher education as a means of achievement and maintenance of high quality

The aim of EPU is to introduce European standards of education, to teach modern learning contents, to have an academic staff of scholars from European universities and international academies, to carry out the training and assessment with modern methods in innovative professional environment, and to cultivate the values of the European civilization.


A wide range of knowledge fields which are a good basis for interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary researches

The course of study in EPU is only in English, which gives the opportunity for education and realization of students from different countries and limits the competition in our country.


Orientation to partnerships with leading companies and involvement of business in the University’s management

The university develops transnational cooperation for establishment of innovative scheme of specialized trainings for obtaining new skills for successful career development of students. Many companies are included in the education of the students.


The European Polytechnical University was founded in close cooperation with nationally established industry partners.


Pernik is a successor of the medieval town of Krakra. Lyulin Mountain is located to the north of Pernik.


Pernik is the second largest town in western Bulgaria. The town is located in the Pernik Valley and is surrounded by mountains Vitosha, Lyulin and Golo Bardo. Pernik is situated 30 kilometres (19 miles) southwest of the Bulgarian capital, Sofia. The territory of the town has many major roads, including Pan-European Corridor VIII and Pan-European Corridor IV – European route E79 /with Struma motorway and Lyulin motorway/, which connects Central Europe and Greece. Pernik has five railway stations and railway stops. The town lies close to one of the oldest trade routes in the Balkans, which ran from Sofia to Dubrovnik, via Skopje, Pristina, Sarajevo and Mostar.

Home of Surva

The International Festival of Masquerade Games “Surva” in Pernik is the most authoritative event for traditional national masked games and customs in Bulgaria and the Balkans. It popularizes variations of antique ritualism preserved to the present day, a part of the Bulgarian folklore tradition, as well as similar rituals of other cultures. The Surva International Festival of the Masquerade Games is held in the city every January. Surva is an International Kukeri Festival in Pernik and is one of the biggest masquerade festivals on the Balkans and Eastern Europe. It is held in the last three days of January each year.

Krakra Fortress – Pernik

The medieval Krakra Fortress is situated on a relatively small rocky plateau at the southwestern part of the town of Pernik. The fortress offers a view of Karvavoto Area. Today the Fortress of Pernik is one of the most attractive places for strolls and relaxation among the residents and the guests of the town of Pernik. The picturesque lighting and the 22-metre Bulgarian flag pole attract attention to the walls of the fortress. The catapults and the battering rams situated near one of the fortress walls are yet another attraction.


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