Higher School of Civil Engineering - Sofia

"Lyuben Karavelov"

A higher education institution, which offers programs in the field Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy

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A state specialized higher school in the educational and qualification degrees


Higher School of Civil Engineering (VSU) “L. Karavelov” – Sofia is the successor of the specialized military engineering school, established for the construction troops.

The School has undergone various periods and forms of existence – school, secondary school, college, and higher education institution. It was established with the Supreme Decree No 22/ 18.10.1938 of His Majesty Tsar Boris III. For a short time, the training facilities were built in the area of the Lagera district. The command and teaching staff was also selected. In 1942 the school was moved to its own building in Gorna Banya district.

The school attracts not only young people of the country but also for students from all over the world. In the implementation of the intergovernmental agreements here were trained cadets and officers from Tanzania, Mozambique, Cuba, Laos, Vietnam, Yemen, Mongolia, Syria and others.

In 2000 the School was demilitarized and renamed into Higher School of Civil Engineering (VSU) “L. Karavelov” with a status of a State University.

VSU is a higher education institution, which offers undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs in the professional field Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, as below:

1. Degree Program “Civil Engineering”

2. Degree Program “Architecture”

3. Degree Program for educational degree “Bachelor” with the professional qualification “Engineer-Architect”

4. Degree Program “Buildings renovation and design”

5. Ph.D. Studies

There are possibilities at VSU for individual instruction of incoming exchange students and for working out course/final projects in English, German or French language.

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