“Todor Kableshkov”

A state-financed higher school of land transport, transport infrastructure and telecommunications

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As a modern university, Todor Kableshkov University of Transport successfully defends its mission to participate actively in the formation and implementation of the state policies for the development of higher education and research in the areas of land transport, transport infrastructure and telecommunications.

With more than 30,000 alumni since 1922, the Higher School of Transport prepares highly qualified professionals for the fields of land transport, transport infrastructure and telecommunications. Our graduates occupy important positions in the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, public transport services, consulting firms and, research institutes. In 2001, Todor Kableshkov University of Transport was among the first Bulgarian universities which took advantage of changes in Higher Education Law. It enrolled students in Masters programs immediately after completion of their Bachelor degrees. In Todor Kableshkov University of Transport, we also encourage continuity – many of our students are children of alumni.

Campus of the University includes Conference halls, Aula, Meeting room, Lecture and Video hall, Computer training rooms, CAD/CAE/CAM Systems, Simulation Modeling in Transport and Communications, Business Planning and Project Management Center, Computer labs, Research Laboratory on JAVA Programming, Laboratory Complex in Railway Transport Operation, Sports Center, Hostels.

The University has a library where students can borrow books or use them in the reading room.

All students have free access to the local network with wireless Internet on the VTU’s campus. They can also work in computer rooms when there are no seminars and classes on them.

In their free time, students can practice a great variety of indoor and outdoor sports: football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, fitness, etc.

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