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Attractive multinational environment, state-of-the-art training methods and facilities, real-world and simulation training, wonderful sports and recreation conditions in the Sea Capital of Bulgaria - these are just a few of the reasons why students from approximately 50 countries all over the world have chosen to study at Medical University-Varna!

The Varna Medical University boasts more than a half century-long history and traditions. However, it skillfully intertwines classic models of training with the most cutting-edge technologies and methods. The lecturers at Medical University-Varna are prominent specialists in their fields, presenting the University at numerous international scientific events, guest lecturers at scores of foreign universities.

The first and only University in Bulgaria which introduced EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) Business Excellence Model in 2008 - the Medical University in Varna provides uncompromising quality in education, and the diplomas awarded by the University are recognized in all European countries.

Along with the practice in a simulation environment, the students at MU-Varna have great opportunities to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in a real environment. MU-Varna has numerous clinical bases, located on the territory of the whole country. The main training base for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students is University Hospital "St. Marina" in Varna - the most modern medical and diagnostic structure in Northeastern Bulgaria, possessing the latest generation equipment.

The first in our country University pharmacies have been functioning within the University, providing a realistic training environment for the students majoring in the programmes of Pharmacy and Assistant-Pharmacist. The students at the Faculty of Dental Medicine have the opportunity to study at the first and only in our country University Dental Centre, having at its disposal equipment and apparatus without an analogue.

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